Where Does TaxMasters Stand?

In the last three years, TaxMasters has accumulated 1,047 Better Business Bureau complaints. These complaints have mostly been about their poor service, but there are a considerable number of complaints about their billing and advertising practices. Much like JK Harris, TaxMasters has suffered its share of lawsuits and Attorney General investigations. Texas, Minnesota, and Florida are currently looking into charges against TaxMasters for the following complaints.

I wish I could say I was surprised by these reprehensible actions, but I’m not. JK Harris and Roni Deutch did the same thing to clients. The only difference between those companies and TaxMasters is that TaxMasters is still operating. Not only is TaxMasters still scamming people every day, it just secured $25 million in financing from an anonymous lender. So, expect to see more TaxMasters commercials where Patrick Cox stands at an awkward angle and promises to settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar.”

Unfortunately, many people will fall for TaxMasters’ promises. Their tax problems will grow worse, and they’ll have even less money to find a successful resolution. Spread the word! TaxMasters is an F rated company that steals money from those already victimized by the IRS. It’s time to take down TaxMasters like we took down JK Harris and Roni Deutch!