JK Harris Bankruptcy: A Giant Tumbles

You know that saying “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” This especially holds true for giant corporations that make their money by deceiving those with a tax debt. Just look at American Tax Relief and Roni Deutch. They went down in flames. Fast in their tracks are two even bigger tax resolution giants. TaxMasters and JK Harris have been hunted down by attorney general lawsuits and other claimants for years due to their deceptive and unfair trade practices.

JK Harris has especially been hounded by law suits for its consumer fraud and illegal business practices. It also owes a lot of money to a lot of people, including many employees it has not been able to pay for quite some time. Last week, JK Harris had to suspend all operations. Every employee at its Goose Creek, SC headquarters is jobless. Thousands of taxpayers are now left completely defenseless. While JK Harris is not officially closed, they are pursuing Chapter 7 which would liquidate all of its assets.

What led to JK Harris’ downfall? I would look to its Better Business Bureau review. It is not accredited, but it still has an F rating. I guess 676 complaints it has accumulated in 3 years involving its advertising, billing and collection methods, delivery issues, guarantee issues, and services will do that. The BBB actually extensively explained just what a horrible mess that company has been. It gives the long laundry list of attorneys general (it looks to be about 18) determined to protect taxpayers from JK Harris’ trickery. It discusses the claims JK Harris has made that it has a high success rate of negotiating a debt for pennies on the dollar, which is totally untrue.

If that sounds bad, listen to what the BBB has to say about another company not accredited with it. TaxMasters also has an F rating due to the 1,032 complaints it has accumulated over the last three years. The biggest issue the BBB has with TaxMasters is that it claims that they will not charge a fee if it fails to negotiate a settlement for you, but in reality provides no refund for failing to provide any kind of tax relief. Take my word, once JK Harris closes, TaxMasters will be breathing its final death rattle as well.

This is why I’m so glad that I chose Tax Defense Network to team with, when I decided to help taxpayers instead of target them as an IRS Hitman. They have been helping taxpayers since 1997 and have an A rating. They are truly honest about what can be done for a client. They never pursue a resolution that will put someone in a bad situation. They also provide refunds.

If you need tax relief, DON’T go with a falling giant. That’s how you get trampled. Go with a company that is more concerned with helping taxpayers than rapid growth through deceptive practices. Call 1-888-415-1337 now or fill out the form for REAL tax relief today!