Yes, More Celebrity Tax Debt: Kelly Rowland's Owes the IRS $100K

I'm actually getting tired of writing about celebrities owing the IRS. I can't keep caught up. Inexplicably, the latest offender to enter my radar is Kelly Rowland.

She was a member of Destiny's Child, the top-selling girl group of all-time. You'd think she'd have the cash and the resources to pay the IRS...

The Background: As a member of Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland had a share of the profits from four studio albums that sold over 40 million records worldwide, another 50 million including their solo album sales before the group split up.

The Tax Debt: The Detroit News revealed Kelly Rowland owes the IRS $98,634 in back taxes, prompting the government to file a lien against her lavish oceanfront property in Miami, Florida.

The Irony: Kelly Rowland once portrayed a Motown Legend Martha Reeves, who also current has some Tax Scandals of her own to resolve.

The Moral: You know the deal by now, the IRS doesn't make exceptions. Rich or poor, famous or not, you have to pay your taxes or else.

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