One Thing You and Naomi Campbell Have in Common: The Tax Man

You and infamous diva and supermodel Naomi Campbell have one thing in common. A higher power to answer to. The IRS.

You're not bludgeoning housekeepers with diamond encrusted phones, assaulting airport security, or punching your limo driver in the face, but both you and Naomi Campbell won't escape the IRS if you owe tax debt.

Naomi Campbell recently had a $63,487 Tax Lien filed against her. Residing in the top tier of elite super models, you know Naomi Campbell's got the cash to pay the IRS. Her track record shows how she hates to follow the rules, but the IRS will give her a wake up call!

Celebrities continue to get caught by the IRS:

- Armed IRS agents seized assets from Young Buck

- Billionaire Red McCombs is still fighting the IRS

- Alicia Keys just married into a multi-million tax debt

- Comedian Chris Tucker forgot to give the IRS his cut

- Khloe Kardashian owes the IRS thousands

- Hip Hop Artist & Haitian Presidential Candidate Wyclef Jean owes the IRS $2.1 million

Maybe shady accountants and bookkeepers are to blame, maybe the wealthy and famous have a sense of entitlement. Whatever the case, it's clear that the IRS is combing through tax records and coming after those that owe full throttle. If you owe the IRS and haven't been caught yet, you will be! It's only a matter of time.