Don't Let the IRS Grinch Steal Halloween

In tough times it's hard to enjoy even the simple pleasures. The IRS doesn't make it any easier. They're taxing your candy, shutting down your kid's pumpkin stands, and haunting your life with tax debt that just won't ago away.
Jr. IRS Agent Halloween Costume from Target

Are You Haunted by the Ghost of Tax Debt Past: The Tax Debt that Just Won't Go Away

The IRS Will Get You- And Your Little Rabbit Too: I guest star in a Halloween Special

The IRS Taxing Your Pumpkin Stands? Good Grief! The IRS authorities had nothing better to do, so they swooped in and shut down a 4 and 6 year old's pumpkin stand.

Get IRS "Candy Tax" Facts and Save Your Halloween- What will be taxed and what will not? Save yourself from the Halloween Candy Tax!

Have a Happy Halloween! Don't let the IRS scare you. I'm here if you have any IRS questions, simply send me an e-mail.