IRS Taxing Your Pumpkin Stands? Good Grief!

First the IRS taxes your candy. Now your kids can't get a break. Like a big bully, the IRS swooped in and closed down a Pumpkin Stand run by two entrepreneurial youngsters. Good Grief!

The Story: Two officials from the Idaho State Tax Commission forced two children, ages 4 and 6, to close a stand in front of their home they were using to sell pumpkins. The kids were selling the pumpkins to raise money for school sports, but the IRS didn't care. All they saw as a violation of Federal law.

The IRS Shuts Them Down: An anonymous tax official said that roadside stands must obtain proper permits in order to business in Idaho. According to the IRS, the 4 and 6 year old kids must charge customers sales tax and forward that cash to the state.

What's Next, Lemonade Stands? Actually, government authorities have closed down lemonade stands before. But there is a silver lining, she did receive an apology from the county.
Really, don't tax authorities have better things to do than shut down kid's pumpkin stands? If they were looking for good PR, this isn't the way to get it...