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"They saved Lynch, if it wasn't for them coming in, we wouldn't have Lynch."

"I was most impressed with Richard's expertise and willingness to take on a town! We we not qualified to deal with the IRS, and he saved us."

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Client's Info Client's Problem The Hitman's  Solution
U.S City Bankrupt and Facing IRS Action
City name withheld for privacy
Recession caused budget shortfalls. The city couldn't pay the IRS debt. Feared seizure of City Hall.

Debt Amount: $120,000
TDN worked with the Mayor, Board of Finances and IRS Division Chief and helped them choose the right IRS program for them.
Offer in Compromise for a Struggling Business Owner
Santa Barbara, California
Client defaulted on Installment Agreement; the IRS threatened to seize business revenue.
Debt Amount: $300,000
Worked with the IRS and gathered all documents needed. Selected the right IRS program, and helped them keep their business.
Tax Assistance for Our Men In Uniform
College Park, Georgia
Client failed to have the IRS withdraw taxes from military pay. He thought he'd lose his stripes.

Debt Amount: $16,000.
Prevented a Bank Levy and stopped a Wage Garnishment that was about to be issued; his debt was no longer a threat to his military career.
Levying His Paycheck
Landover Hills, Maryland
Client needed to stop the IRS's Wage Levy and set up an affordable payment plan.

Debt Amount: $300,000.
Worked with the IRS to choose one of their programs which prevented the Wage Levy.
Keeping Him Off The Streets
Southfield, Michigan
Client couldn't pay both the IRS and his mortgage. The IRS threatened a Tax Lien on the house. Prevented a pending Tax Lien and the client didn't lose his home due to tax debt.
Saving Small Business
San Antonio, Texas
Client business was struggling & he neglected to file their taxes on time.

Debt Amount: $89,244
Stopped the Tax Levy. Chose the right IRS program and saved their business.
Helping Him Protect His Spouse
Knoxville, Tennessee
Found an IRS service for the couple and prevented an IRS Levy on their income.

Debt Amount: $12,000
Chose the perfect IRS service that protected the client and his wife from IRS Levies.
Single Mom with IRS Tax Debt
Beloit, Wisconsin
The client didn't pay taxes from a 401k; she needed the income for the kids.

Debt Amount: $11,000
IRS Lifted the Wage Levy. She was placed in "Currently Not Collectible" status.
Fear of Retirement Pay Seizure From IRS Debt
Humble, Texas
Clients on Social Security with no way to pay the IRS. They were worried about losing their retirement pay.

Debt Amount: $16,954
Conducted a full financial analysis to find the best IRS program and protected their social security checks.
Sick Spouse & Kids In Need
Charlotte, North Carolina
The client's husband had a heart condition and failed to file. The IRS tried garnishing her paycheck to pay for his debt.

Debt Amount: $23,800
TDN found a IRS service to prevent a Wage Garnishment. Client kept the money to provide for her children.

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