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I highly recommend all of the following resources for solving your tax debt issues. But remember, all tax guides are just that- guidelines for how you should handle your tax issues. I highly recommend you seek professional help if you're having tax debt problems.

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Excellent Tax Blogs

Our Taxing Times

The Wandering Tax Pro

The Tax Professor Blog

William's Tax Planning Blog

Don't Mess with Taxes

Tax Girl

Tax Lawyer's Blog

A Taxing Matter

Lemon Justice

Texas Attorney Blog and Official Government Resources the official IRS website

The IRS's List of Government Websites - Complete list of IRS Government Websites

Disaster Relief Resources for Charities and Contributors

Other Government Sites

Department of Justice
Department of Treasury
Joint Committee on Taxation
Multi State Tax Commission
U.S. Congress
U.S. Tax Court
Tax Professionals Corner

Tax Resources for Small Business

    The A to Z Index for Business- Just like the title suggests, covers a variety of subjects relating to the IRS and Business.

    The IRS Small Business Resources Guide, 2009 This guide covers everything, from starting up, to preparing Tax Returns.

    Tax Changes for Businesses - Stay up-to-date on the various Small Business Changes with news directly from the IRS.

    Economic Stimulus Payment Info Center for Business- Find information on the business provisions of the economic stimulus payments.

    Get the 2009 Business Tax Calendar- This Calendar will help you make quarterly payroll payments and other important deposits on time.

    E-File for Business and Self-Employed Taxpayers- This is for helping you find the E-filing option to suit your business needs.

    State Taxes- Business tax required by the federal government are tough enough. But you also need to know about you State Tax obligations. This source provides access to key resources that will help you learn about your state tax obligations.

    The IRS Small Business Tax Center

    Resources for Tax Professional

    IRS e-News for Tax Professionals
    The Internal Revenue Service has an electronic mail service designed to provide localized, targeted and immediate information for tax professionals specifically for your geographic area. You can subscribe to a local mailing list(s), use the sign up form provided by clicking on your perspecitive state.

    IRS Pronouncements

    Internal Revenue Bulletins - The Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB) is the authoritative instrument of the IRS for announcing all substantive ruling necessary to promote a uniform application of tax law.

    Internal Revenue Code

    Procedures, Regs, Rulings FAQs

    Laws, Regulations, Research and Court rulings. This page will provide links to recent revenue rulings and court cases, legal determination of business use of the home and other regulations for the small business.

    Common I.R.S. Forms Used in Tax Resolution

    Form 2848: IRS Power of Attorney (PDF)
    Form 433-A: Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals (PDF)
    Form 433-B: Collection Information Statement for Businesses (PDF)

    General Tax Filing Information

    Unfiled Tax Return? Here's what to do about back tax returns
    General Filing Information
    Free E-Filing
    Generic Info on How To E-File
    Where To File & Contact the IRS

    Additional Tax Forms

    State Tax Forms
    Federal Forms
    Federal Rules and Regulations

    Order the Tax Products CD-ROM

    You can order IRS Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM, from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
    IRS Launches On-line Workshop for Exempt Organizations

    State Law Guides

    Federal and State Court Opinions

    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Resources - Guidance for requesting or electronically accessing information made available to the public pursuant to FOIA.

    Practitioner Priority Service - 1-866-860-4259

    The Centralized Authorization File (CAF) is a computerized system of records which houses authorization information from: Powers of Attorney (POA); Tax Information Authorizations (TIA), and Estate Tax Returns.

    Administrative Information & Resources Names, numbers, lists and other information that will help you work with IRS more effectively.


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