It's easy to contact me, simply send an e-mail to thehitman@irs-hitman.com and I'll get back with you immediately. 

Can I pay you to help me with my tax debt problem?

If you need emergency help with your tax debt issue, I strongly urge you to fill out the form to the right or call 1-888-415-1337 for immediate assistance.

Should I work with a professional to solve my tax problems?

Absolutely! I'm a huge advocate for working with a reliable professional to solve tax debt problems or file your taxes if necessary. What I write on this blog is based on my opinions and experiences as a former IRS Revenue Officer, but each tax case is unique. It's best to have a professional analyze your particular case to provide the best advice.  

How long is the statute of limitations on my tax debt?

The statute of limitations (amount of time the IRS had to collect on your debt) is typically 10 years from the date the tax debt is accessed. Certain actions, like filing for bankruptcy or applying for an Offer in Compromise can extend the statute of limitations. 

I need to report suspected tax fraud, who should I contact?

This page on the on the IRS official website provides several options for reporting fraudulent activity.

Can I write a guest post for The IRS Hitman?

I'm always open to guest post that provide plenty of value for my readers. Send me an e-mail with your idea or guest post for consideration. 

Will you write a guest post or article for my blog/publication?

Simply send me an e-mail with your idea so we can discuss it further.


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