When You Receive 5071C

There is a possibility that you may receive Letter 5071C from the IRS after you have filed your tax return. If you receive this letter, the IRS wants you to verify your identity.

The IRS sends this letter after they receive your tax return with your name and/or social security number, but questions the authenticity of the return and wants to confirm that you filed it. Due to the increase in identity theft cases, the IRS is taking every precaution to prevent fraudulent returns from passing through.

·      When you receive 5071C, log on to idverify.irs.gov to verify your identity. Have ready your previous year’s tax return and your current year’s tax return along with supporting documents.

·      If you prefer, you can call the toll-free Identity Verification phone number on your 5071C to verify your identity.

If you did not file the tax return for which the IRS is inquiring, you can use either of the above methods to report the fraud.

When the IRS sends 5071C, the IRS suspends processing of the tax return until you verify your identity. After you provide the information that verifies that you have filed the return, the IRS will send you a confirmation that you submitted the return and renew processing. It will take approximately six weeks for the return to complete processing.

To check the current status of your refund, you can use IRS’ ‘Where’s My Refund?’ facility or the IRS2Go mobile app. Using these platforms, you can determing the approximate date when your refund is expected to reach you. ‘Where’s My Refund?’ is updated once every 24 hours.

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