IRS on 2014 Tax Filing Season

The tax season started late this year, but the IRS says that it will not have an impact on the tax returns. According to the IRS spokesman Raphael Tulino, “Tax season started about 10 days later than we thought we would have it start. That’s generally due to the government shutdown we had in October.”
Since the IRS receives thousands of communications from taxpayers every day, the shutdown resulted in the creation of a significant backlog. The IRS predicted that the shutdown would have an impact on the tax filing season.

The good news is that your refund will reach you on time. The IRS usually processes and sends out a tax refund within 21 days. Tulino says that the delay in processing returns will not affect the processing time for a refund.

You can check the status of their tax refund on the IRS’ ‘Where’s My Refund?’ service 24 hours after filing your tax return electronically using e-file. If you have filed a paper return, you can check the status after 4 weeks of mailing the return. On Where’s My Refund?, you can check the status of your tax return and the approximate date of when you will receive your refund. 

If you want your refund to reach you in the shortest time possible, you must file electronically and match it with direct deposit. Tulino says that “refunds in general will get to most taxpayers, the vast majority, I would say about 90 percent in 10 to 21 days. That’s with an e-file return choosing direct deposit, which is the way most people do it now.” 

Filing tax return using e-file is the better way to file returns because it is convenient, faster and more secure. According to the IRS, last year about five out of every six tax returns were filed electronically.

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