Common Questions of Taxpayers Answered

According to the IRS, this upcoming week, the week of Presidents’ Day, is its busiest week of the year with regard to call volume. It makes sense to call the IRS for complex tax problems, but with an average wait time of 18 minutes, it might be more efficient to find the answers to common questions from other sources. Here are some of the common questions that taxpayers ask during the tax season: 

What is the status of my refund? 

Many taxpayers contact the IRS to check on the status of their refund. Generally, you can expect to receive a refund in less than 21 days. Instead of calling the IRS, you can easily check the status of your refund through Where’s My Refund? This IRS service is also available on the newly updated IRS Smartphone app: IRS2Go. The IRS updates it once a day.

What if I didn’t get a Form W-2?  

If you are an employee, you need to your Form W-2 in order to complete your tax return. If you don’t get the form from your employer, you must first contact your employer. If after contacting your employer you still do not receive the form, you need to contact the IRS. The IRS will send a request your employer and may issue you a substitute for W-2, Form 4852.

Can I get a copy of my tax return or transcript? 

You can easily order a copy of a return or transcript on the website, on the IRS2Go mobile app or by mailing the IRS a completed Form 4506-T.

What if I can’t pay the taxes?  

Even if you cannot pay you tax responsibility in full, you must pay as much as you can. After filing your return, you may consider applying for a debt payment plan such as Installment Agreement or Offer in Compromise. Remember that filing of the tax return is essential, even if you can only pay a small portion of what you owe.

From where can I get help in preparing the return? 

For simple tax return preparation, you may use IRS Free File on which you can use leading tax software to e-file your taxes for free. You can also visit an IRS tax preparation site in your neighborhood where IRS-certified volunteers help you to prepare tax return for free. Find the IRS center near you by searching for “Free Tax Help” on the IRS website,

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