IRS Limits Operations during Shutdown: No Federal Tax Liens and Levies

The IRS has limited its operations during the partial federal shutdown. It will not place new liens and levies during the shutdown, and will not issue refunds. The IRS has also issued guidelines for taxpayers about tax filing. The IRS will accept and process tax returns, but it is better if taxpayers file electronically, as most of the returns will be processed automatically.

Those under tax debt and close to getting a lien or a levy placed can sigh with relief, as they will have more time to resolve their case and avoid the collection actions. Neither systemically nor manually generated liens and levies will come into effect during the shutdown.

Limited IRS operations do not mean that the tax laws are not in effect. Taxpayers must keep filing taxes before the deadline and comply with tax rules. 

During the partial federal shutdown, there will be no IRS telephone customer service available. However, automated toll-free telephone services will be operational. Walk-in IRS assistance centers are temporarily closed.

Those who had appointments related to audits/examinations, collection, appeals or taxpayer advocate cases should consider their meetings cancelled. Though at present, there will be no communication, the IRS will reschedule the meetings and inform taxpayers about it later.

 Many of the automated systems, including the automated IRS notices will be mailed to taxpayers. Paper correspondences will not be sent. Taxpayers must keep on filing taxes on time and follow the tax laws even if they have no access to the IRS. Taxpayers might expect delay in processing and in many of the usual operations, but they must ensure that they have fulfilled their tax obligations.

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