How Tax Scammers Steal Identity of Taxpayers

Tax scammers steal the tax and personal information of taxpayers to file false tax returns on their behalf and reclaim exaggerated refunds. There have been many instances where taxpayers who collect refunds after filing numerous false returns eventually find themselves in the prison. As far as taxpayers are concerned, it is important to protect their Social Security Number (SSN), filing status and any other information they use on their tax return from scammers. Some of the top ways scammers use to extract sensitive information include:

To protect your tax information, it is advisable to initiate contact with an organization or the IRS. Responding to cold calls or unsolicited emails is dangerous in financial matters. Some scammers use malware to extract information from computers after a user clicks on an email link or opens a web page. Therefore, taxpayers must disregard any unsolicited emails they receive and use safe methods such as a phone call to a known number to contact the IRS, their bank or other institutions.

Tax scammers can only be successful in their efforts if taxpayers are negligent. Keeping yourself informed about the various methods tax scammers use to extract sensitive information will help you identify and defend yourself against scammers.


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