Filing Taxes & Refund Issues in 2013

Filing taxes this year will be different from past years, as Congress has made many big and small changes to the tax law to avoid a fiscal fall. In return, the IRS has postponed the date of filing taxes from Jan 22nd to Jan 30th for most taxpayers. Now, those who have simple tax returns are likely to file in February, while those with complex tax returns may file as late as April 15th.

The IRS has come up with a list of IRS Forms that can only be filed in late February or early March.

Because of the delay in filing taxes, you can expect refunds later than usual. If your tax return is simple and you need a refund soon, you need to file early. You will need to start preparing for tax filing now if you want your refund to reach you in February.

In most cases, the IRS takes up to 21 days to send a refund. If you are filing an amended tax return, it might take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks for your tax refund to reach you.

The good news is that you can check your refund status on the IRS website. Entering your SSN, filing status and exact refund amount on Where's My Refund? will get you information on when the IRS got your tax return, when they approved it and when they sent your refund to you.

If you e-file your return (80% of the taxpayers did last year), you can check it on Where's My Refund? 72 hours after filing. If you mailed your paper return, you will need to wait 4 weeks.

With tax scammers overactive in the tax season, it is needless to mention that you must never share your SSN on any unsecure web page. You cannot check your refund status anywhere else on the Internet except on the secure IRS web page.

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