Stop the IRS from Taking Away Your Salary

The IRS will not stop short of humiliating, embarrassing and reducing a taxpayer to poverty if back taxes are not paid to them on time. They can affect your credit report, seize and/or sell your property/assets or garnish your wages. They have various aggressive collection methods to get you to pay them taxes owed. And getting back tax debt is their only concern. The worst the IRS can do to you is to begin taking a chunk from your wages to fulfill the tax debt. How you will pay your bills is not their concern. In many cases, the IRS takes the entire salary, for months.

They will send your employer a notice with information about the tax debt and how much money from your wages needs to be deducted every month so that the tax debt can be paid. Your employer cannot say a word to the IRS. S/he is supposed to carry out their orders. It is your employer who will deduct a certain amount from your paycheck every month and send it over to the IRS.

The IRS will not contact you for wage garnishment. They will contact your employer, and your employer will tell you how much out of your paycheck will go to the IRS every month. It is embarrassing to know that everybody in your office knows about your financial situation, and even more embarrassing is the reduced salary that you will be getting for many months till the entire tax debt is paid.

It is the IRS that decides how much to cut from your salary and for how long the wage garnishment will stay. As soon as you find out about wage garnishment, get help. You need to stop the IRS before they slice off a sum from your paycheck. If the IRS has legal rights, so have you. The first step you need to take is not to get bullied by the IRS. Be strong. The second step is to take immediate steps to stop wage garnishment. They cannot hurt you if you know your rights. You can stop the IRS.

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