Tax Refunds: How Scammers Cheat You

We all work so hard to get tax refunds. We remember to ask for receipts and store them safely for record. But sometimes many of us do not get tax refunds we are entitled to receive; instead, somebody else pockets our tax refund and more, and disappears.

Ask Questions
Do not believe when you are promised a bigger tax refund than you can legitimately get. Nobody is interested in making more money for others. You can smell a scam if a tax help provider guarantees a bloated refund. Ask them how. Questions scare scammers.

Duping or Stealing
These are the two methods through which scammers try to get you. Dupers will try to convince you that you will get a heavy sum in tax refunds if you let them be your guide. These are fraudulent tax preparers. Do not believe them. Check your IRS Form before it is sent to the IRS.

Hardcore scammers will steal your identity and use it to claim exaggerated refunds. These are criminals, some of them former drug dealers. The top ways they steal your identity are through Phishing or by giving you unsolicited calls. They use the identity of a reputed institution such as banks or government organizations to get your financial and personal information. Once you give them the information they need, they will claim money on your behalf from the IRS.

Safe Filing of Taxes
To beat scammers, keep your financial information such as bank account numbers, PIN codes, Social Security number, and credit card number safe. In case of a theft or loss of records, inform the IRS immediately. At the time of tax filing, scammers become more active. Never share any sensitive information over email or phone. As for scam tax preparers, ask them for their PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). If they don't have it, don't deal with them.

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