The IRS & Social Media

With all the political talk you see on the news and all the conflicting tax advice you may hear, sometimes it's better to get your information straight from the source. Thankfully, the IRS utilizes social media really effectively. Here are some tools I use myself to keep abreast of everything IRS-related.

The IRS YouTube Channel

You may have seen one of their videos on my blog. That's because I find them very informative. They are succinct and to the point, and cover a wide range of topics. You can see them here in English, American Sign Language, and Spanish.

The IRS Twitter Feed

Follow @IRSnews for IRS announcements, helpful and up-to-date information for professionals, and even postings for those looking for a career in the tax industry.

The IRS Facebook Profile

I never thought I'd say this, but...go ahead and "like" the IRS. Just this one time on Facebook. They have a few Facebook pages, which you can find here. They provide a lot of information, even information for those who have been struggling with serious IRS problems for years.

The IRS Podcasts

Go here to listen to audio files of tax topics. You can also get them on iTunes with transcripts.

The IRS Smart Phone App: IRS2Go

This is an amazingly helpful tool, that connects almost a lot of these resources. But, it does so much more. It is exceptionally convenient and easy to use.You can get this from the Apple App Store or the GooglePlay store. It helps you:
  1. Get your refund status.
  2. Get tax updates.
  3. Follow their Twitter feed.
  4. Watch their YouTube videos.
  5. Catch up on the latest IRS news.
  6. Obtain your tax record
But, let me be clear, the IRS uses social media as a way to share information. It is not the best way to get advice or resolve a serious tax problem. It's a good start to be informed, but it's only a start. It goes without saying that you shouldn't be sharing personal information on a public platform like Twitter or Facebook, but I also sincerely believe it is in the interest of most people with large tax debts to hire a professional.

If you have a tax problem that can't quickly be fixed by watching a YouTube video or listening to a podcast, call me at 888-415-1337 or fill out the submission form. You'll get a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation with the best in the business.

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