IRS Hitman – Semi-Annual Celebrity Back Tax Report

About one in three Americans will owe taxes at some point in their lives. This is usually during tax time and is kept private by the taxpayer until it is fully paid. Unfortunately for celebrities, everything they do becomes public knowledge, as well as what they don't do, such as paying their taxes.

Some of these celebrities are not intentionally dodging taxes, as many have accountants and other professionals handling their finances, but there are some reoccurring names on this list that leads me (and probably you) to believe a few celebrities are doing everything they can to not pay the required taxes on their earnings, asset sales, or capital gains.
Take a look at the 10 highest owing celebrities below.*
1.       "Crikey!" Paul Hogan, of 'Crocodile Dundee' fame, reportedly owes the Australian government nearly $37 million in back taxes! This dispute between Mr. Hogan and his native government has grown to such proportions that he was barred from leaving Australia in 2010 until his debt was resolved. I guess taxes are a bit harder to beat than crocodiles.
2.       Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis, has been reported to owe almost $29.4 in back taxes. Wow, that is wilder than a bus full of barely legal girls.
3.       'Blade' star, Wesley Snipes, who is currently serving three years in federal prison for not paying close to $15 million in taxes from 1997 – 2004, tried to use the tax protestor argument as a reason for his non-compliance. It seems the only bloodsuckers Blade will be fighting for a while are the mosquitoes in the prison yard.
4.       Nicolas Cage's financial problems have been a constant source of tabloid fodder for years now, but his $14 million IRS debt in 2009 has to really keep a bad taste in his mouth, probably worse than 'Ghost Rider.'
5.       Funny man Chris Tucker, famous for the 'Rush Hour' franchise, reportedly owes the IRS $11 million in unpaid taxes from the years 2001 to 2006. Now there is nothing funny about that.
6.       Rapper Lil Kim has been slapped with an $11 million tax lien for her tax debt this year, which may be why Ms. Kim's alleged plastic surgery was so extreme; she's hiding from the IRS.
7.       CNET co-founder Halsey Minor, along with his wife, owes 10.5 million dollars to the IRS in unpaid taxes for 2012. Here's a CNET review on that: It's big, heavy, and most fans aren't going to like it. One star.
8.       Ex-CEO of Death Row Records, Marion "Suge" Knight, is reported to owe $6.5 million to the IRS. I wonder if any Revenue Agents will come visit him at his home? Maybe, they'll just stick to other collection methods.
9.       Rapper Nas is allegedly in the hole with the IRS for around $6 million, making his tax debt six times platinum. Congrats?
10.   Rounding out the list are the Osbournes, who actually settled some of their tax bill since first being assessed their IRS debt. Unfortunately, they still owe roughly $1.7 million. Those penalties and interest must be hard to take a bite out of.
*Reports of the exact amount owed for each celebrity varies, and some may have settled part or all of their tax debt since this posting.