What Americans Hate About Taxes… Everything!

In the last two years there has been intense debate over taxes in general including the rate between income groups, the laws that allow different tax breaks, the purpose of the revenue generated through taxes, and how the entire tax code can be reformed in order to be fairer (which is a whole different argument).

It seems like everyone has an opinion about how to best collect and use the tax dollars paid by Americans, and for good reason too, everyone pays taxes. While there is evidence stating many Americans do not pay anything in taxes, they still have taxes taken out of their wages, they still pay sales tax on purchases, and they surely would suffer consequences if they failed to file or report their earnings to the federal government, so for all intents purposes, everyone pays taxes.

This gives everyone the right to have an opinion about taxes, and for most Americans, they are not excited to pay taxes. This isn't just an assumption, consistent polling has shown 57 percent, or a majority of Americans feel as if the wealthy have more opportunity to skirt their tax bill (through numerous loopholes) while they are forced to pay what they owe. In contrast 38 percent, or a substantial minority of Americans believe they pay more than their fair share in taxes (though tax rates are at historic lows).

As one might imagine, political affiliations affect the response. A whopping 73 percent of Democrats cited the fairness issue as their biggest problem with taxes, while only 38 percent of Republicans felt the same way. A small majority, 42 percent, of Republicans said the complexity of the tax code was what bothered them most about taxes, while a small amount of Democrats agreed.

The one thing both parties, all income brackets, and politicians alike can agree on about taxes is that the tax code needs to be changed completely. When you delve deeper into how to change it, you find many opinions and thus the debate wages on.

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