This Week's Top Back Taxes Google Alerts

Four different stories keep popping up for me on my google alerts.

Anna Nicole Smith owes $300,000 to the IRS...five years after her death. This means her daughter, Dannielynn, probably won't be seeing a penny of the estate left to her. Fortunately, it seems that Dannielynn's father is committed to raising her with or without a large inheritance.

Former NFL quarterback, Neil Smith, owes more than $500,000 in back taxes. He made stacks of fat cash when he played, spent it all very unwisely, and didn't pay the tax man what he was supposed to.

Speaking of NFL players, mismanaged money, and taxes...three former NFL players have recently been caught for running a tax fraud and identity theft scheme. Yikes! I know these guys go broke after they stop playing football, but really...they were given a chance that most of us don't get. They got a chance to make millions and save it for a rainy day. Running a scam operation like this hurts everyone who didn't get that chance.

Now, onto some people who truly do not deserve what the IRS is doing to them. 60,000 of our active-duty troops owe back taxes to the tune of $390 million. While there are tax breaks for serving our country in combat zones and these individuals automatically have 2 months after returning home to even file, they have more complicated returns to file and wind up owing big bucks. I really do think these men and women deserve a break, especially given the risks they braved to help our country.

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