The Real TaxMasters Fraud Lives On

By now, you all know that TaxMasters is no longer going to be taking on clients and scamming people for their entire savings account. They also have been slammed with a $195 Million fraud lawsuit. With all the big tax resolution firms gone, it may seem that choosing the right tax professional is just a matter of finding the lowest price. That's simply not true. It just means that you have to pay even more attention. Most people knew that TaxMasters, Roni Deutch, American Tax Relief, and JK Harris were con artists hiding behind a giant company and flashy commercials. There are plenty of other companies out there that are just as bad or worse. They just have a smaller advertising budget.

Remember to pay attention. What is their BBB rating? How long have they been around? Are they asking for way too much money up front? Does something just not feel right? Successful tax resolutions are created from hard work, logical calculations, a commitment to organization, and realistic expectations.

The real damage that companies like TaxMasters have done to this country isn't that they stole millions of dollars from American taxpayers. The real damage is that they have brainwashed the American public into thinking that you really can settle your tax debt for practically nothing by hiring a "bull dog" to pressure the IRS into saying they don't care about getting the money. That's not how it works. The IRS can't be bullied into anything. But, there are specific laws that the IRS must adhere to. Hiring the right person to form a plan with those laws is what really works. For a free consultation regarding your tax problems. Call 888-415-1337 or fill out the submission form. Talk to someone with real answers.