Tax Defense Network is NOT Tax Resolution Services

Recently, I’ve been getting a fair number of emails from people stating that they will boycott Tax Defense Network because we advertised Rush Limbaugh or, in many cases, that we pulled out of endorsing the controversial Conservative radio host. I would like to make it clear right now that Tax Defense Network does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show. The company that has recently suspended its Rush Limbaugh advertisements for now is Tax Resolution Services.

While my advertisements do occasionally run on television and radio shows, I do not endorse anyone other my company. The IRS Hitman Team at Tax Defense Network isn’t here to make sweeping changes to America’s politics or pass judgment on anyone’s opinions. We’re here to make sure that an IRS tax debt does not ruin your life. If you have an IRS tax debt and need a resolution, give us a call at 888-415-1337 or fill out the form. If you want to boycott a company or voice your displeasure, please be sure to contact the right people.