'Stache Deduction

As fond as I am of tax deductions, even I have to admit a proposal for a $250 tax deduction for facial hair grooming went a little too far. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s staffers forwarded a cop of the American Mustache Institute’s proposal to the House Ways & Means Committee…apparently without the congressman knowing about it.

Rep. Bartlett has, of course, made it clear that this was not a legitimate proposal he was submitting. But, he has not removed his support from the Movember campaign. My team at Tax Defense Network also greatly supports the Movember cause. For those of you who do not know what that is, Movember is a month long even in November. Men grow the fullest and most elaborate mustaches they can in order to raise awareness (and hopefully funds) for men’s health issues. Chief among those issues is prostate cancer.

But, you don’t need to claim facial hair grooming expenses on your 1040 to enjoy an IRS tax deduction. Instead, you can claim (as ever) any donations you make to the Movember campaign as a charitable deduction.