JK Harris CEO Arrested for Contempt of Court

The news is a buzz the arrest of John K Harris for contempt of court. When I first heard of this, I pictured the former CEO of JK Harris being dragged kicking and screaming out of a physical court room. In reality, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office deputies came to him and arrested him. Just what did he do? He failed to cooperate with the trustee according to the Conversion Order and Rule 1019(5)(A). Basically, he did not give the information he was ordered to provide in his bankruptcy conversion case in a timely manner.

While this is far more boring than my initial vision of a crazed man in a business suit, it does raise an important point. This man has enough money to have a group of highly skilled attorneys and accountants. Not only that, he was in charge of a business offering help from attorneys and accountants. He can’t make a list of who he owes in a week? This is essentially what the court was asking for, and he didn’t comply.

It angers me that this man took the meager savings his clients pulled together to hire his company and hasn’t done a thing to pay them back! Sure, his business has closed and he’s no longer able to fool more people into sending him money. That hasn’t stopped more shady companies from pulling the same tricks, though. This man needs to be made an example of. These other companies need to see that they can’t just hang a “CLOSED” sign on the door when things get rough and lay back at the beach with all the money they didn’t deserve.

I hope the United States Bankruptcy Court doesn’t let him off the hook. I hope they make him follow every single rule to the strictest letter. I hope he is made to pay back every single one of his victims. I want these people to find real help. If you are a former JK Harris client, there is help out there! Affordable, responsible, experienced tax professionals exist. If you still need help, please give the IRS Hitman Team a call at 888-415-1337 or fill out the form for a free and honest consultation.