Answers To Your Unspoken Bank Levy Questions

Recently, I took a look at the IRS Hitman blog's Google Analytics. I usually don't pay too much attention to it. But, occasionally, I take a look to make sure that the people who are reading my blog are getting the answers they're looking forward to. This time of year, I get a lot of people looking for tax prep advice or IRS addresses reading my blog. This year is different. I haven't seen so much of that. For the most part, people seem to be looking for help with a very specific question. (Or, looking up stuff on Mitt Romney...seriously...I'll never understand it.)

However, there were some common concerns that kept popping what to do about wage garnishments and how to settle tax debt. The biggest concern people had left them all in the dust, with at least 7% of people reading my blog finding it by Googling one of the following questions about bank levies.

Question: Can IRS freeze your bank account? Can IRS take money from bank account? Can the IRS access my bank account? How often can the IRS levy my bank account? When can the IRS freeze my bank account?
Answer: Yes, they can. Yes, they will. And, they can do it about every 21 days (right after your time runs out to prove you need the money they took from the previous levy). They may not necessarily do it continuously like that. For constant collection actions, they tend to stick wage garnishments. But, any account you can touch they can touch. The worst part is that they can do all of them at once.

Question: Why would the IRS freeze my bank account? What to do if IRS levies bank account?
Answer: Why? Because, it's money just sitting there that you aren't using to pay them for your tax debt. The IRS has earned its reputation for being the most ruthless, unsympathetic, efficient collection agency in the world. What should you do? Get into a legal tax resolution with the IRS as soon as possible. As soon as there is paperwork declaring that you will fulfill your end of the deal in return for security against this kind of treatment, the better. Of course, not all tax resolutions are created equally. If you sign the first piece of paperwork out of desperation to prevent more bank levies, you may be simply putting off the inevitable. If you aren't able to keep up your end of the deal, the IRS will go straight back to financially attacking you.

Then, there are the people that are reacting to what the IRS has already done...
Seeing such a large percentage of the people reading my blog with bank levy issues is disheartening. It is my hope that anyone with tax debt finds help long before the IRS even considers levying your bank account. That is a serious step on their part. It means that they have given up on you taking care of it yourself and they are now willing to use any means necessary to force you to work with them.

Please...don't let your tax problems grow to this point. I know a lot of you reading my blog right now probably found it by looking for one of the search terms mentioned above. So, I know that I may already be too late with my plea. However, I'm not too late to help. There ARE steps that can be taken to help you out. But, the faster you act the better! So call the IRS Hitman Team now at 888-415-1337 or fill out the form for a no obligation, completely free consultation. Arming yourself with knowledge is the only way to beat the IRS!