Finding IRS Relief: Consumer Tax Reports

Finding the right tax resolution company for your IRS problems can be difficult. There are so many companies that make so many promises. No one has the time to interview and thoroughly investigate all of these places. So, who do you know you can trust?

Fortunately, a site called has done the work for you. So far, fifty companies have been reviewed. Every company is laid out according to its rank on the site on a table that lists all of the following information:
If you see a company that you like, all you have to do is click on the “Get Help Now” button or call the number provided to contact the company. If you want to learn more about the company, you click on the “Read Review” button.

The review goes over the information provided on the table in more detail. It also details the experience a secret shopper had when interacting with this company. The review explains why the company was given the score, rating, and rank that you saw on the table. If you do not see a company that you are interested, you can request that Consumer Tax Reports have a secret shopper investigate it for you. Honestly, I’ve never seen a review site that has used as much thought as

These are the top five companies on the site and how they ranked up:
Take a look at the site and compare the companies you see. This is a much more reliable method for finding tax relief, than believing what you hear on commercials. Be smart. Take a look at