Christie Brinkley's $531,000 Tax Lien

I was going to write about Newt Gingrich’s tax plan, but I think we can all agree that Christie Brinkley’s face is one anyone would rather look at. Also, I really don’t think Newt is going anywhere any time soon. Brinkley’s tax lien should be disappearing quite soon, however.

The 57-year-old supermodel and star of Broadway’s “Chicago” recently discovered that she had a $531,000 tax lien placed on her Long Island mansion. Apparently, the tax lien was the result of an error. That’s right folks! Sometimes, the IRS places a lien accidentally. Thankfully, she looked into it and, as of yesterday, she paid the full amount of the tax liability. Since she handled it the correct way, the tax lien should be released soon.

However, her story should make it quite clear that you really can have a whopping tax debt and not know about it. Christie Brinkley stated that she wished she had paid more attention to her accounting matters before, but she has been dealing with the serious health issues her parents are facing. Life can be distracting, but it is a good idea to check up on your situation with the IRS occasionally. Don’t let a tax lien surprise you! Brinkley was lucky in that the tax lien was placed on her in error and she had the money to pay it in full. Not many people have that going for them. Once a tax lien is in place, it is nearly impossible to get rid of it. Prevention is key!

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