Avoiding IRS Collection Attacks When You Owe Back Taxes

So you didn't pay your taxes and you haven't filed for years...

Let me tell you, the IRS  will be on your tail to make you pay if they haven't already.

If you have not filed or paid on your back taxes, you need to be prepared for IRS Attacks. It's not a matter of if they will hit you, but when they will hit you.

1) The IRS's First Move...

So when you don't pay the IRS, you will receive several notices in the mail. They might seem innocent enough, but you need to take them seriously.

Combat the IRS Attack: Act with the first letter, find help immediately if you don't want to incur the wrath of the IRS Beast.

2) The IRS's Next Move...

I'll assume from here that you ignored those initial "innocent warnings" from the IRS. Well now you're in for it, a letter sent via Certified Mail from the IRS is next. The Real Action will soon follow.

Combat the IRS Attack: If you've received a letter via Certified Mail from the IRS, actions that put your finances, your family, and your way of life in jeopardy are next. Take this seriously and work to resolve your back tax issues.

3) The IRS's Final Blow...

The IRS sent you letters, then certified letters notifying you they intend to levy. You were scared, and you ignored them. Now the IRS is hitting you with Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies, and Tax Liens.

Combat the IRS Attack: The IRS is only using Wage Garnihsments, Bank Levies, and Tax Liens because you ignored their letters and didn't contact them with a solution. You need to work with the IRS and compromise on a solution for repaying your back taxes.

The Fierce Battle: Go in With a Plan. Bring the Big Guns.

Once the IRS has it paws on your paycheck and bank account it won't let go without a fight. You have to go in prepared for battle, but remember what you're dealing with. Your own soldier going after the IRS and all of it's resources and revenue officers.

Go in armed! Work with tax representation firm. Think of them as your army. Just like my Hit Squad they're comprised of tax attorneys, accountants, and CPAs and they will write a battle plan for you that ensures success- then fight to make it happen!

* Attached photo depicts a real IRS Negotiation. I've been there, I've seen the carnage. Call, email, or fill out my form if you need help.

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