Will My Fiancé Inherit my Tax Debt if we Get Married?

Tax debt and marriage just don't mix. That's the theme of today's Reader Question.

Sometimes a spouse or an ex-spouse is to blame for tax debt.

Other times, a fiancé doesn't want to drag their future spouse into tax debt with them.

Alias Jackie asks:

"If I get re-married although I am making payments to IRS, can they seize or come after my new husband's income and property?"

To keep this one short, sweet, and to-the-point, allow me to be brutally honest. Get into a tax resolution before getting married! That means paying it in full or getting into an official payment plan with the IRS.

When you marry someone you potentially marry their tax debt. It's not guaranteed that the IRS will go after your future spouse's income and property, but it's always a risk if you are not in an official agreement with the IRS.

You want to start married out life right. If you can't find a path to resolve your tax debt issues, consider working with professional help to get your tax debt behind you and your happy married life in front of you.