IRS Bank Levy Sudden Strike? Get Your Money Back!

You ignored the IRS's “Final Notice of Intent to Levy" and the IRS swooped in for the kill.

If your bank account was suddenly emptied, don't fret, you might have time to get your money back.

Stop it in its tracks: Once you get that Final Notice in the mail, the IRS is going for the funds unless you take action.

Find a tax professional to help you contact the IRS ASAP, because the IRS likes to go for the sneak attack. You won't know when the Bank Levy will hit!

Once it's already hit: If the IRS has already cleaned you out, you might be able to get your funds back if you act quickly.

The only real way you can get those funds back is if you're in a real hardship situation. You would have to prove you need those funds to pay for vital bills.

This won't be easy, so make sure you have plenty of documents to substantiate your claim.

Preventing Future Bank Levies: A Bank Levy is a "wake up call" to get you to face your debt, and I'm not going to lie, as a Revenue Officer I loved using them. They're effective!

So now that you're wide awake and aware of your tax debt issue, take the next step and work with someone to resolve it. It's not going to go away on its own!