3 Tips to Choosing Quality IRS Tax Debt Help

When you owe the IRS, every offer for help looks appealing.

One commercial offers a plan that will settle your tax debt for "Pennies on the Dollar."

Another advertisement promises to reduce your tax debt to "Zero!"

Unfortunately, the IRS doesn't work this way. These promises are pipe dreams, and the reality of tax debt isn't as easy to swallow.

It's difficult to resolve your debt, and  you should work with a professional. Just make sure you choose the right kind. One that will really provide you help, not one that will take your money and run! Below are 3 tips for choosing quality IRS Tax Debt Help:

1. Steer Clear of Retainer Fees: Any company says the words "Retainer" or "Retainer Fee" is only interested in your money. A retainer fee is a fee that "holds the services until an actual agreement is made." This means a company can "change their mind" and charge you more down the line!

2. The Ole' Bait and Switch: Some companies come up with fees that are hidden somewhere in the mumbo jumbo contracts. Here's a classic example, say a company told you they were going to help you with your tax debt for $2000 dollars. But when you get the contract it says $3,000 dollars because there's a $1,000 "convenience charge"!

3. No Refunds? No Go!: Some companies don't offer a refund policy, and it makes you wonder...why? If the company doesn't offer a refund policy of some kind, you need to work with someone else.

The bottom line is that you want a company you can trust. Your tax debt issues are a priority, and you should make sure to work with the best quality company you can find. Work with a company with a good track record and check their ratings with the BBB and Dun and Bradstreet.