Can The IRS Really Take Money Out of my Bank Account?

 So you got a certified letter from the IRS...

The tax man is threatening to take funds directly from your bank account.

You're wondering if the IRS can really take money directly out of your bank account, and the answer is:

"Yes, they can!" 

If you received a "Notice of Intent to Levy" letter from the IRS, keep reading for ways to save your funds! 

How a IRS Bank Levy Works:

After the IRS sends you a Final Notice in the mail, a bank levy could strike at any time. (When I was a Revenue Officer, we loved using the element of surprise!) If you're unlucky, your funds may already be levied at this point! 

IRS Bank Levy, What Happens: 

 In a nutshell, the IRS freezes your funds, blocking your access to them (even if you have vital bills to pay). Don't respond before the 21-day deadline and your funds will be gone for good, so have to act fast! 

The IRS Bank Levy Secret:

If your funds are already seized, there's still hope to get them back. It'll be hard, but if you can prove you need those funds to pay for basic needs like rent or your utility bills, you could get the money back.

Get IRS Bank Levy Help: 

 I've revealed one secret to potentially get your money back from the IRS after they empty your account, but it's easier said than done.

The Truth Is... 

Good luck proving you need those funds, you'll need it! The IRS doesn't care, they just want their money. Working with a professional is best when it comes to retrieving bank levy funds, or preventing one from happening.

Need Help? If you need help getting your funds back from the IRS, or stopping a bank levy, call 1-888-415-1337, fill out the form to the right, or e-mail me. I'll get back with you immediately with advice for solving your IRS Bank Levy issue