Can I be Fired for Having a Tax Lien Filed Against me?

The Answer: Yes, it's possible to get fired over having a tax lien filed against you. Tax Liens also negatively affect your ability to find a job!

Of course, this doesn't mean that you'll never find a job, but a Tax Lien  greatly limits your possibilities.

Job Fields at Risk:  You could be fired for having a Tax Lien Filed Against you if your career falls under any of the following...

-Federal or State Job
-Civilian Contractor with the Department of Defense
-Any job with a license requirement (Financial Planner, CPA, etc.)
-Any job that requires background/credit check(s)

Goodbye, Promotion. Many companies require a Credit Check before a promotion. This means a Tax Lien could be keeping you from making more money at work

Reassignment/Retention: Ready to move to an office location closer to home? A lot of companies are requiring credit checks for reassignment or even retention. Having a Tax Lien could mean losing your job!

Lien Removal Review: The IRS knows that Liens make people pay because it puts their work and their homes in jeopardy! And unfortunately,  it’s not easy to remove a Tax Lien.

Even when you're in a payment arrangement with the IRS, a Lien will not be removed unless you take specific steps to do so. If you’re having trouble negotiating with the IRS, consider hiring a professional to represent you.