Owing the IRS Back Taxes: 5 Ways to Survive Their Attacks

The sudden letter from the IRS stopped you in your tracks. You owe the IRS back taxes, and if you don't do something now you'll be at the mercy of the IRS's Tax Liens, Wage Garnishments, and Bank Levies.

Here are 5 ways you can survive the IRS's attacks long enough to find the right solutions for your tax case:

1.Do You Owe? In some rare cases, the IRS notice you received may have been sent in error. In other cases, this debt could be the responsibility of a spouse or ex spouse. To tell the truth, notices are rarely sent in error, but check it out, then continue.

2. Don't Panic, Act: Resist the temptation to ignore your IRS notice and try to forget about the tax issue. You will be issue a Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy, or Tax Lien before you know it if you let your problem go untreated. Start to find your solution immediately.

3. Installment Agreements: The best way to protect yourself from IRS attacks is to make an agreement with the IRS and pay off your debt. There are a variety of installment agreement options that work for different situations. If you owe more than $10,000, you should talk to a tax debt professional to make sure the IRS does not pressure you into an unaffordable payment plan.

4. Settlements and More: Tax Settlements like an "Offer in Compromise" are out of reach for most taxpayers. It's very hard to qualify for this kind of payment option.

5. Don't Wait for them to contact you: If you suspect you owe, but the IRS hasn't contacted you yet, don't wait patiently to hear from the IRS. Wait around, and the IRS will let you know you owe with their Tax Liens, Wage Garnishments, and Bank Levies. Contact a professional for a solution, then go from there to contact the IRS.

Final Tip, Buying Time: Working with a professional can buy you valuable time to decide your next step. The IRS typically halts collection actions while power of attorney is put into place. Consider contacting a professional first and going from there to solve your tax issue, but do it quickly!

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