New IRS Hitman Features: Strike Back Against the IRS

I've been traveling the country saving American citizens, businesses, and even whole towns from destructive and demanding IRS collection practices. Now I have a tally of all the lives saved. Here are the new IRS Hitman features you can't miss:

The Hit Stats 

To the left you'll notice a Hit Stats section, where I keep track of our IRS Victories. The numbers are in the thousands!

The IRS Hitman Saves Lynch Kentucky

It's a legendary Lynch Kentucky  was in danger of complete extinction. Lynch owed $250,000 to the IRS. Watch the unbelievable story of how the IRS Hitman saved an entire town.

Testimonials: Real Lives, Businesses, and Towns Saved

For years I've been an ally to anyone being bullied by the IRS. Now you can read and watch their stories. You can't miss these inspirational real life success stories.

Meet my Team: The Hit Squad

It takes a team to take on the IRS when thousands are in need. Now you can meet The Hit Squad, my team of attorneys, tax analysts, and enrolled agents. Together we can take on any tax case.

Owe the IRS? Don’t Wait. Strike Back.

If you owe the IRS, we're here for you. Don't let the IRS continue to bully you, strike back. If you need the help of me and my team, call us at 1-888-415-1337, e-mail me, or fill out the form. We'll take on your case and find the right solution, guaranteed.