The IRS Emptied My Account: What Can I Do?

It started with the letters. Numerous threatening letters from the IRS that you ignored, too scared to open the envelopes. Suddenly, your bank account has been emptied. What can you do?! Luckily, you can still get your money back.

The Temporary Reprieve: Depending on what stage you're experiencing in the IRS Bank Levy process, your funds may not be gone for good. Your bank will set aside all the funds in your account for 21 days. If you don't respond before the deadline, those funds are gone for good. It's time to act fast! You have to prove that those funds are vital for you to pay for basic necessities. (Like rent, or your utility bills)

Don't Do it Alone: Getting your money back from the IRS after they empty your account is easier said than done. Good luck proving you need those funds! The IRS doesn't care, they just want their money. Working with a professional is best when it comes to retrieving bank levy funds, or preventing one from happening.

Need Help? If you need help getting your funds back from the IRS, or stopping a wage garnishment, simply give me a call at 888-415-1337, fill out the form, or e-mail me. I'll get back with you immediately with advice for solving your tax debt problem.