I Want to Send The IRS What I Can Afford Every Month

You simply can't pay what you owe the IRS in full this year. You want to send the IRS what you can afford every month. It's a reasonable request, but unfortunately, it's easier said than done.

The IRS wants you to pay as much as possible and what you think you can pay will be different from what they want you to pay! They will want a detailed look at your assets and expenditures.

Whenever you are required to give detailed financial information to the IRS, you need to consult with a tax debt professional. One reason is that you will want to make sure that disclosing your finances does not leave you vulnerable. Another reason is that the IRS may only be telling you that you are required, when you really are not. Sometimes, giving the IRS a full picture of your budget leads to unaffordable payments. A professional will tell you what's in your best interest.

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