Kelly Osbourne Owes Over $30K to the IRS

Time for more celebrity tax news! This time the tax offender is from the infamous Osbourne family. Kelly Osbourne owes the State of California more than $30,000 in unpaid taxes!

The Debt:
Kelly owes exactly $34,763.30 to the State of California dating back to 2009. She has neither confirmed nor denied reports and government documents detailing her tax debt.

Though someone did send me this angry tweet she made:

“im getting less & less resilient to all the bulls**t stories i keep reading about myself i do enough stupid s**t no need to make things up! (sic)”

Kelly Osbourne's Net Worth:

Born into the lucrative Osbourne empire, Kelly didn't do half bad making a name, and some money, for herself.

She's reportedly making $15 million from her role in the reality show "Fashion Police."  She also has funds from a Closer Magazine column deal, acting projects, and her job as a spokesperson for a clothing line by Madonna. Obviously, there's enough income to cover her taxes!

Still a Mystery

I don't know what's the bigger mystery, how Kelly Osbourne managed to rack up such a big debt- or how she's made so many lucrative career moves. How she's worth $15 million...I just don't know. How she doesn't have the proper help to pay her California state taxes is another mystery.

The lesson rings clear here as always. No one gets away with not paying their taxes. You'd better pay yours this year, too!


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