Ja Rule Admits Stealing $1.1 Million from the IRS

Rapper Ja Rule recently had to confess that he dodged paying $1.1 million in federal income taxes in tax court. The $1.1 million was from nearly $4.4 million in royalties and live performance payments over the last five years.

Judge Patty Schwartz allowed 35-year-old Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins to remain free (on $500,000 bail pending a scheduled June 13 sentencing). This will give him time to work on a new album before he spends two years in prison for a weapon's possession charge.

Ironically, his originally sentencing date was postponed so he could resolve his "tax problem".

Allowing his sentencing to be postponed so he can take care of his whopping tax debt shows just how important resolving your tax debt really is. Make paying and taking care of your tax obligations a priority in your life. Get it out of the way first and foremost, and then you can move on to the other obligations.

This is what Ja Rule should have done, but sometimes you have to learn it the hard way...