Don't Let Yourself Owe $637K like Jaime Pressly

"My Name is Earl" movie  star Jaime Pressly is yet another celebrity joining the long list of IRS offenders. She' owes more than $637,000 in state and federal taxes.

The Debt: The IRS filed a $260,370 tax lien on December 6 against the Jaime Pressly, the State of California would also file a $281,699 tax lien in Los Angeles. 

Jail Time: Jaime Pressly was in jail, but not for her taxes. she was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. She's current on a $15,000 bail.

Seriously Bad Month: So in one month Jaime Pressly was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, had a monumental tax lien filed against her, and is divorcing her husband, entertainment lawyer Simran Singh. It just goes to show you:

- Tax debt will catch up with you, typically without warning
- You can be married to a lawyer, hell, or even be a lawyer and still wind up with big tax troubles
- Tax debt is often followed by divorce
- Tax debt will happen to anyone. If you owe, the IRS will find you.

It's hard to stay caught up with all of the celebrity tax offenders the IRS nailing lately. Anyone who owes needs to take this as a sign, get caught on tax filing for 2011 and get to work taking care of your tax debt. If it hasn't caught up with you yet; it will.