Should We "Free Wesley Snipes" for his Tax Evasion?

Recently, the website Free Wesley Snipes was bought to my attention. Their goal? To free Wesley Snipes from his imprisonment, which they believe is unrighteous.

The Claim: The website goes through several reasons why Wesley Snipes should not have been sentenced three years on his "Tax Evasion" charges. Most notably, that he was never charged with tax evasion.

The Truth:  It's true, Wesley Snipes was never charged with tax evasion. Wesley snipes was convicted of misdemeanor charges on willful failure to file tax returns. He was given the maximum sentence for this misdemeanors.

The website has more detailed Facts about Wesley Snipes' Misdemeanor Case and News Clips related to his case.

More Thoughts to Ponder:

The Free Snipes Now website does raise some interesting points:

- Wesley Snipes paid $30 million in taxes over the past 10 years

- Wesley Snipes was ready to product multiple films which could have generated billions in revenue and created hundreds of job opportunities

- Speculation won't die down on this: Is the government using Wesley Snipe's high profile case to "set an example"?

In the end:

The argument about whether or not Wesley Snipe's imprisonment is lawful or not is invalid. If we want to be pedantic about the terminology, then yes, it is true he was not charged with tax evasion. However, he was convicted of the midemeaner of failure to file taxes and is serving the maximum sentance.

What do you think? Should we "Free Wesley Snipes"?