Friday, November 5, 2010

What's the Craziest Thing You Ever Did to Save on Taxes?

It's confession time. I know from personal experience as a former IRS Revenue Officer that taxpayers do some incredibly crazy stunts to save money on taxes.

I've seen taxpayers:

- deduct children that don't exist
- claim pets as children
- claim other family member's children
- try to write-off personal vacations as business deductions
- try to justify every expense under the sun!
    This list could go on and on. I have several blog posts on the subject that cover the wacky things taxpayers attempt to get away with in detail:

    Strangest Tax Write Offs Ever

    Is Your Dog a Tax Write Off? Use Pet Tax Deductions and Reap Huge Savings

    Tax Fraud: Top 3 Ways You'll Go Straight to Jail

    What are some the craziest things you've done to reduce your tax bill?


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