The IRS Says "Hell No!" to Breast Pumps

I've been asked for my opinion on the IRS decision to exclude the cost of breast pumps and related supplies from their tax-sheltered accounts.

 The IRS ruled that breast-feeding doesn't have enough health benefits to qualify as medical care. You asked my opinion, and my option is; that's bull and I'm glad I no longer work for the IRS!

I agree with this feedback from Cheryl on the matter:

"It's absurd! Even if breastfeeding is a nutrition issue, from good nutrition leads to better health. Yeah, good nutrition is “mandatory” and goes without saying, but the incentive here is the health benefits that breastfeeding provides on long-term studies.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, and sometimes you need the help to get going, and even keep going. Medical necessity. There’s a reason why it is preferred to than formula."

There is scientific evidence and studies that prove breast-feeding prevents health risks in children, but the IRS doesn't care.

The IRS claims breast milk is a food that promotes good health, not unlike eating citrus fruit prevents scurvy. They say the costs of breast pumps, bottles, and pads don't deserve a tax break anymore than an orange juicer (Did I already mention I'm glad I don't work for these people any more?)

Final Words: You'd be surprised what is considered tax deductible as a medical expense. Acne cream, denture adhesive, contact lens solution, even replacing grass with artificial turf (because of allergies) could qualify for a deduction. Why shouldn't breast pumps?

What's your opinion? Do you think breast pumps and accessories should be tax deductible?