File Your Taxes, or You'll Get Caught for Tax Evasion Like Beanie Sigel!

Yet another gagster rapper is facing scrutiny from the tax authorities. Beanie Sigel, known to the IRS as Dwight Grant, is being charged with Tax Evasion.

The Crime: This Wednesday the federal government leveled counts against Beanie Sigel for failing to file income taxes 2003, 2004, and 2005 according to U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger.

Big Money: During this time he earned $1.54 million, and he's sold millions of records with hits like The Truth (1999) and The Reason (2001). With that kind of cash the IRS isn't going to go easy on him.

Trouble with the Law: This isn't Dwight "Beanie Sigel" Grant's first run in with the law, far from it. Beanie Sigel was convicted in 2004 on federal weapons charges and sentenced to one year in prison. After being released he was jailed again for parole violations after failing five drug tests.

In 2008, he was back behind bars for one day, and given six months in a halfway house after traveling to an Atlantic City casino without permission and consorting with a known felon.

Words from his Attorney: His lawyer, Fortunato N. Perri Jr., has stated, "I don't think he's being targeted. He just needs to get his personal business and tax affairs cleaned up...While he was in prison, other individuals were handling his finances."

"Some of the business relationships he had with some of the players involved makes it more difficult...We're trying to resolve the issues as quick as we can."

The Punishment: Like rapper Young Buck earlier this year, Beanie Sigel is facing the wrath of the IRS because he let others handle his finances blindly. If convicted, Sigel faces up to three years in prison and a fine of $300,000; tax evasion is no joke!

Do You have Unfiled Tax Years? If you have unfiled tax years, this is Tax Evasion. The IRS will hunt you down and find you just like they found Beanie Sigel and thousands before him. Don't let the IRS "catch you", it's easier when you're proactive and take the steps to solve your problem, immediately!