Top 3 Ways to Stop a Tax Lien & Save Your Home!

The Tax Lien Bomb is dropped. Your home, vehicles, and assets are at risk of seizure. Forget applying for loans or credit cards because with a Tax Lien, your credit report is shot! Don't let the IRS ruin your financial future, learn the Top 3 Ways to Banish Your Tax Lien for Good!

1.     Pay Up: Sorry to say it, but the #1 to put that Tax Lien behind you is pay your tax debt in full. The sooner, the better! If you can apply for a loan and pay off your debt, do so. If you can borrow from family, swallow your pride and get it paid!

2.    Pay the IRS Monthly: Not everyone can fork up the cash and pay in full. These individuals may qualify for an IRS Installment Agreement. When you're locked into an Installment Agreement with the IRS, you agree to pay a set amount on your debt monthly until the debt is paid in full. This won't remove your Tax Lien immediately, but it will set you on the track to getting rid of the Tax Lien and your Tax Debt forever. If you owe less than $25,000 and do not already have a tax lien, it may entirely prevent a tax lien from ever being placed.

3.    Make an IRS Settlement:  It's possible to settle your IRS Tax Debt with an IRS Offer in Compromise. The IRS doesn't let just anyone in on this exclusive offer. Only those in a dire financial situation will qualify to settle their Tax Debt for less than they owe.

Applying for an Offer in Compromise can be very expensive, if you don't want to be out hundreds of even thousands of dollars you better get help from the professionals first. If you need help determining if you qualify to settle your tax debt with an Offer in Compromise fill out the form or call the number to the right.

Temporary Lien Removal: Sometimes an emergency makes removal of a Tax Lien urgent. You might be moving or desperate to sell your home. In rare cases, the IRS will temporarily remove a Tax Lien from a primary residence temporarily. In emergencies like this, get professional help to ensure swift removal of the Tax Lien.