Top 3 Tips to Prevent IRS Identity Theft

Don't let a "Tax Scammer" run away with your identity! Times are tough and identity thieves are getting desperate! Now internet scammers are pretending to be Revenue Officers, IRS Agents, and Tax Collectors. Don't put your life at risk, learn the Top 3 Ways to Prevent IRS Identity Theft!

1. NEVER open e-mail that claims to be from the IRS. The IRS has said it themselves, they never send unsolicited e-mail!

2. Likewise, DON'T give information over the phone to anyone claiming to be the IRS. The IRS isn't like normal collection agencies. They send you notices of your debt, then hit you with levies, liens and seizures. They don't need to call and beg you to pay!

3. The ONLY IRS official website is Any others claiming to be the IRS website are frauds!

Really, it's short and simple. The IRS doesn't send e-mails, the IRS will not call you, and there is only ONE official IRS website. It's important to be cautious and protect your personal information from getting into the grubby paws of an identity thief.