Saving Small Town America from the Big Bad IRS

Today I've been looking back at Lynch Kentucky, a picturesque mountain town that wound up owing the IRS a quarter of a million dollars. The debt was through no fault of their own, but the IRS didn't care. The historic mountain town was at the IRS's mercy, and that's where I came in.

It was hard to get the IRS to back off this defenseless town, but I never gave up. At the end of it all, I set up Lynch, Kentucky in an agreement that saved their lifestyle from destruction by the IRS.

Many of my readers feel the same way the citizens of Lynch, Kentucky felt. Backs against the wall, and no where to turn. Completely at the IRS's mercy. I've made it my mission to help all American citizens with hopes and dreams threatened by the IRS.

You can read and watch details of my journey to Lynch Kentucky on my main website. The new feature details how I saved the town from being wiped off the map by the IRS: The IRS Hitman Saves a Town.

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