Roni Deutch Speaks Out on her $34 Million Lawsuit

 Roni Lynn Deutch the famous Tax Lady has issued an official statement on her $34 million lawsuit on her blog:

 "I believe the California Attorney General’s civil complaint against my law firm and me to simply be election year politics."

She goes on, saying that her ubiquitous law firm has represented taxpayers for almost 20 years. She goes into the thousands of people and tens of millions of dollars saved from the IRS's clutches. She claims to have followed California's rules and regulations.

"I will aggressively and vigorously defend the claims against us, and I am absolutely confident we will prevail."

I'm shocked at how confidently she's defending herself considering the evidence against her. Let's take a look:

-  Hundreds of combined complaints between the top consumer complaint websites
-  Over 290 complaints on Better Business Bureau Report(s)
-  F Rating with the Better Business Bureau (View Report)
-  Shady Advertising highlights tax settlements, doesn't deliver results 
- Commercial "Testimonails" proved to be fakes and half-truths
- Charges outlandish fees; doesn't provide service

Rule of Thumb: When you decide to work with a professional avoid any company that claims you can settle your tax debt for incredibly low sums ("Pennies on the Dollar" is the usual lie). The IRS warns taxpayers about trusting misleading promotions: “We urge taxpayers not to be duped by high-priced promises.”