Results are In: You STILL Hate the IRS!

So you hate the IRS? Well, you're not the only one. Near the end of last week an Internal Revenue Service Office was evacuated after a suspicious envelope arrived.

According to Philadelphia police reports, the envelope contained a vial with a plastic bag over it. It looked threatening, but tests revealed that there was no harmful substances inside. The IRS workers filed back into the building before they had a chance to enjoy a full day off from work.

February of 2010 Andrew Joseph Stack II surprised American by flying his Piper Dakota airplane into an Internal Revenue Service office complex in Austin, Texas. (Read more here) Two months back another man threatened the IRS with a "bomb bag" (get the scoop).

IRS sentiment is at an all time low, they're not winning popularity polls anytime soon. Tomorrow I'll report with more news that will give you more reasons to loathe the Tax Man.